Thursday, August 8, 2013

CSS customizing for Our Old Space

I've been working on some 'readymade' page styles for the new social media site Our Old Space. Some are more 'readymade' than others!

Our Old Space is a newish social network set up to appeal to exiles from Classic MySpace (as well as a few disgruntled Facebookers) who yearn for a site that is "just like the good old days".

Remember when every MySpace profile looked different from every other MySpace profile? When MySpace put the emphasis on the "My"? A page which could show off your artistic bent, rather than a uniform handed down to you by whichever megacorp is running things this week?

Well, that is the thinking behind this site.

There is an opportunity for bloggers, musicians and visual artists to share their talents. This is not just some Hollywood-centric, money-led idea of what constitutes 'culture' in this day and age. This is a place for the independent artists of this world, folks who are 'doing it for themselves' or just for the craik. "Just like the good old days", in fact... a social network that doesn't boast that it can number its membership in the billions, isn't full of extremely rude people trolling about and doesn't just reflect the musical tastes of people called Justin.

When you first open up a new account your page will bear a passing resemblance to those old blue white and orange MySpace Profile 1.0 layouts. Seasoned MySpacers will feel instantly at home!

The site has its own profile designer interface, which will allow you to change the colours and fonts to your heart's content. A good many folks will be satisfied with that option alone. But for me, the real fun starts when you click on that button marked 'CSS'. With the help of our old friend the Cascading Style Sheet, just about anything is possible!

For the last few weeks, a select band of like-minded nerds have been putting in the hours trying to come up with some 'readymade' CSS styles. Folks who habitually run a mile from anything that looks like geekspeak, should be able to copy and paste our scripts into their profile designers without getting their hands too dirty. It's rather like those "Pimp Your Profile" things that used to be all the rage back in the day.

Here's a little gallery of what we've been working on, which I hope will demonstrate just how flexible this CSS malarkey can be and how it is possible to make a page your very own, by only using all those handy little tags and markups that the fine folk at W3C have shared with the world...

PP's OurOldSpace profile
PP's OurOldSpace test page

EP's OurOldSpace profile
EP's OurOldSpace test page

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