Wednesday, October 3, 2012


That MySpace Music Player, eh? Ugly great brute, ain't it?! Like a number of other features on MySpace, it has 'afterthought' written all over it. With any luck, when the shiny all-new MySpace gets here, they'll have found a way to play music from a player embedded on the page, like you'd find on any other sensible 'media' site (the player controls that come with music and video links on your homepage's 'stream' have never worked, by the way).

While the Music Player works just fine and dandy up to a point, there is one thing that really grinds my gears every time I use it. As one of the couple of dozen people left on this planet who is not, and never will be, a Facebook user, I weary of that big white box that leaps into my face every single time I press the play button, almost ordering me to 'Share This On Facebook'. I don't want to. I don't want it. I don't need it.


As on all of these bloggy thingies previously, I'm assuming that you are sensible enough to be using either Firefox or Chrome as your default internet browser and you have also installed the indispensible plug-in AdBlock Plus.You should also get yourself the additional plug-in's plug-in Element Hiding Helper For AdBlock Plus, which is rather nifty for weeding out all those picture and text elements that act like adverts but aren't really.

Your AdBlock will add its own items to your 'Tools' menu. One of these will say 'Filter preferences'. Click on this and a new window will open up. Click on the tab marked 'Custom Filters'. On the right is a place where you can block any additional annoyances that are not already fixed by AdBlock automatically. Click on that button that says 'Add Filter'. Copy the following line into the little box.

...refresh the page to add it to your list, then hit the 'Close' button. You can do this sort of thing on many other sites too. For example, there is an equally annoying Facebook pop-up box that appears everytime you refresh the "Daily Show with John Stewart" website. The trick is to get the box's name by right-clicking on it and selecting 'Inspect Element', then copy that name into the 'Custom Filters' list.

But back to MySpace, to do a really thorough job of cleansing your site, you should also be running a Stylish script, as this will allow you banish the Facebook buttons altogether. For details of how Stylish works, read some of the previous postings on this very blog! If you're using one of my existing Minty Blue Minimalism scripts (v2, v3), then you need to add a line or two to the 'general' section - that's the bit that starts with...
@namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain(
...which applies to the whole of the MySpace domain. Somewhere in there (I put mine in the part with all the other ad blocking), add the following line... 
 .connectFbFlyout {display: none !important;}
This will keep the linked Facebook button at the top of the Music Player (in between the 'Find Music' entry box and your little avatar), but stop its white 'flyout' box from flying out automatically.

And that's it really!

Of course, if you are a Facebook user and you want to share everything over there, the button should still function. When you click on it, your log-in thingy still appears in a new window. Only now it's a voluntary action and not one that you've been nagged into (you can now thank me by 'sharing' my music on your page, teeheehee).

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