Thursday, March 29, 2012

A place for FRIENDS???

It's official. It's definitely no longer "A PLACE FOR FRIENDS".

MySpace are trying to shrug off the "SOCIAL NETWORK" mantle.

We kinda sorta realised that some time ago.

But now they have systematically made it impossible for it to be a social network, by making it impossible for users to interact socially.

First the FORUMS disappeared, then the 'THREADS' (a rather feeble short-lived attempt at a sort of "SON OF FORUMS" that, having no sort of user-controlled invigilation, very quickly became a completely unusable mess). Now we can't even comment on each others STATUS UPDATES before the comments (or frequently the updates themselves) vanish into the ether.

Now that the STREAM shows mechanically-selected highlights of our activities, rather than anything in 'real time', 'Status Updates' have been stripped of their immediacy, making them neither 'updates' or reflective of the 'status' of things.

The dwindling few of us that would still like it to be a 'social' site - who still cling to the hope that it might still be one, having long-established loyalties to the site and to each other - they seemingly don't want around.

We're like the embarrassing cousins they keep locked away in an attic.

We're an obstacle to their plans to make MySpace something else entirely (apparently a less functional version of the many media-streaming sites that are out there already. Superfluous!).

In the new MySpaceLand, we are not expected to participate and interact with each other. The new[est] owners at Timberlake Towers want us to sit back and enjoy being spoon-fed PRODUCT like happy little consumers.

They've made it untenable as a social site, in the hope that the 'old school' users will just shut up, go away and leave them to it.

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