Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Golden Brown Google (Revisited)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've settled on this STYLISH colour scheme for my Google Plus pages. But as I also suggested, I am constantly finding new elements on the various pages that needed styling to match the new colours, so it's a continuous process.

This especially means bits of text that pop up over my dark background - they need turning white so that they show up again (remember that Google pages are mainly black-on-white in 'real life'). The script has therefore grown like a triffid over the last week or so, as I add more and more of those funny looking Google 'divs' and 'spans' to the list. In addition to that, I've added a section to the script so that the styling extends over onto my GMail pages as well. This, as I hinted at on this blog, is still an ongoing process - I haven't quite got everything to match yet! Some of the popup pages-within-pages still tend to have bits of brown background showing where they shouldn't, or have grey text which is still difficult to make stand out.

I've also included some features which might be considered 'optional' by some of you.

I personally have absolutely no interest in ever playing ONLINE GAMES, so I have included a couple of lines of script which hide from view the games buttons and links. If games are your thing, then you will naturally want to disable that part of the script.

Once again, I refer you back to THIS TUTORIAL BLOG, if you have no previous experience of using STYLISH for page styling on your Mozilla browser (Firefox or Chrome). Having digested that, you should be ready to copy the following script into your "Add-Ons Manager" and MINTY'S YER UNCLE! This time around I've tried to colour-code the script so that you can see what all the different sections do (and which 'divs' and' spans' and other elements they refer to). That way, you will be able to change the styling to something of your own in you wish. But if you want to copy the script exactly as it is, then just cut'n'paste away!

Additional... I suggested previously that I thought a continuously repeating tile background worked better than a single big wallpaper picture. It's certainly quicker using smaller images if you DON'T have a super-fast connection with near-instantaneous page-loading times. But I must concede this DOES look impressive! It's a good test demonstration of how the opaque page elements show up against a different background. I haven't changed any of the colours of my styling here, only the backgound picture. The trick, of course, is to choose a background that is not too 'busy'. Otherwise it becomes a distraction and makes things hard to read.


Here we are now in APRIL 2012 - and Google have completely changed the layout and functionality of Google Plus (already!?!).

It's not an entirely objectionable new look, but the 'bottom line' is... my STYLISH scripts for G+ don't work anymore.

Ah well.

Hopefully someone else will take up the baton and come up with a new one.

In the mean time, enjoy all that empty white space they have now :-)

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