Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Extending The Metaphor...

Following on from my explorations with the GOLDEN BROWN GOOGLE PLUS Stylish, I've now extended the theme onto the GMail page so that I have a matching suite!

I've done this by adding a section to the existing GOLDEN BROWN GOOGLE PLUS script (and another couple of evenings of Trial & Error!). By the way, I'm STILL finding more examples of WRONG-COLOURED ELEMENTS that I missed the first time round. The script just gets longer and longer. I'll publish an updated version here soon.

Background Wallpapers... As I mentioned before, there is no shortage of sites offering FREE background tiles and wallpapers that you can use in your own projects such as these. I prefer a nice seamless repeating tile pattern myself... but if you have superfast pageloading times at your disposal, then there's a lot to be said for ONE BIGASSED CONTINUOUS BACKGROUND PICTURE. Make a bold statement! Impress your friends!

My favourite source of weird and wonderful backgrounds continues to be GOTHIC WALLPAPERS.NET

My(space) chum DRUDE has posted this very useful list of wallpaper suppliers on his own blog.

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