Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Taking Back Your Homepage

First published on MySpace blog - 05/12/11

A brief recap about what brought me to this situation. As you must have realised by now, I'm an inquisitive little fellow. Having created a STYLISH script to overcome all the shortcomings of the standard MySpace homepage (This one, of course), I was keen to see what could be done to STYLISHize the new version as well. Whenever I had a spare five minutes, I would click on that "Try It Out" button on that ugly yellow bar (having turned off STYLISH first, so that it was revealed unto me) and see what could be done to make it a bit more ergonomic, secretly wishing I would never have to use it. Imagine my chagrin when, one day after doing this, I found the "Change It Back" button no longer CHANGED IT BACK! I was doomed to spend eternity in the NEW MySpace homepage... (Serves me right, some might say!)

Luckily my new script made things a little bit more palatable, but I still don't like it. Then, one day, I find myself searching through the HTML source in search of a solution to something else that was niggling me... and it struck me... what if I click that 'href' there?

Well, long story short... I've got my "MINTY BLUE MINIMALISM" back, while "MINTY GREEN COMPROMISE" has been resigned to the substitute bench.

Here, in graphic form so that you can see the HTML bits, is how I did it. Remember, this is mainly for those stuck with the UK "Artists" homepage. I have no way of knowing if this will work with other versions of the homepage, or even if the HTML looks in anyway similar on your version. Please do let me know!

Now remember... Never be tempted to click on that "TRY IT OUT" button again. You'll have learned your lesson...

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