Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Profile 3.0 Flashback

First published on MySpace blog - 12/08/2010

Okay, so I've tried out the 'new' MySpace profile editor on a couple of my/our pages. And I wasn't keen... I'll qualify that... I'm a 'DIY enthusiast' where HTML is concerned. Over the years, I've spent a great deal of effort getting my profile page neat and tidy, and I've fine-tuned things until they're exactly how I want them to be. DESIGN, in other words... Using the new editor, it felt like I wasn't creating a page of my own, but using someone else's. Someone else's fonts. Someone else's choice of colours. Heck, you can even use someone else's background art if you want. What's happened to the "My" in MySpace? As anyone who has used WYSIWYG word processors, web design or other page-layout applications will know, using the ready-made templates is all fine 'n' dandy up to a point, but eventually you'll want to create something of your own. So, having tried the new doobry, I concluded thus:-
- If you are prepared to scrap your existing profile altogether and create a new one from scratch, then pleasing results can be achieved.
- If you are a MySpace 'fidget' - you know who you are! - who regularly gets fed up with his own page and likes to change and move things around and doesn't know that much about HTML anyway, then the new profile editor might be a boon.
But if you just want to adapt your existing profile to the new layouts, then forget it, it looks terrible! You'll end up having to rewrite the whole thing anyway. Stick with the old one while you can. This has been a public service announcement... please stay in the shelters...

First published on MySpace blog - 12/09/2010

Well, I still stand by what I said in a previous posting - The 'new' Beta profile layout has its flaws! But I'm beginning to come around... I also mentioned in that blog that I thought it was worth persisting with, PROVIDING YOU ARE PREPARED TO START FROM SCRATCH. Any attempts to merely import your old settings and codings into the new editor resulted in a page that was ugly at best. Scrap the lot and start again, I suggested. I was right. I haven't [yet] tried building one COMPLETELY from scratch. In this case, I've used one of the ready-made templates and adapted it to my own devious ends. I might try building one from the ground up, on one of our 'other' sites sometime.

- The new method of placing and embedding HTML elements on the page. Much better than having all your code mixed up in the 'about' boxes.

- The fact that you can decide NOT to fill the page with empty boxes, should you not have any gigs to advertise or videos to show. The modules can all individually be removed and moved around to where you want them. Everything can now be accessed from the menu, (more like a 'real' website) so there's no need to cram everything onto the front page.

- The locked-in-place advertisement. Let's not kid ourselves, the whole reason the SpaceMonkeys are doing this is so that they can sell advertising space on 'YOUR' profile. You can't delete this 'module'. I would have liked to have had some control over where it goes though. If you have an AdBlock-type plugin installed on your browser (The one on Apple Safari is the biz), then you can make the ads go away, but there's still an empty space where they would be.

- I reset my 'Top Friends' to show sixteen chums. Only the top four appeared on the page. I'm working on a way of showing a list of 'top friends' without using the 'friends' module itself, then the 'Friend Space' can either be turned off, or randomized like I had it before.

Minty's Top Tip:
- If you CAN create your own 'biog' modules by adding HTML boxes, it's better than using the MySpace-provided ones. As far as I can see, that's the only way of including hyperlinks within your text. The main details box at the top of the page (with it's dropdown 'more' panel, containing an unformatted text biography) is one of the ugliest features of the lot. Scrap it. Your main details will appear anyway when someone hovers their mouse over your profile picture. Create a new HTML box for your biographical details to go in. It's a work in progress... I'm sure other things will occur to me (it usually happens in the middle of the night!) as I go along.


QUIRKOUT... i could not agree more

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