Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Minty Blue Minimalism #9 (2011/10/25)

First published on MySpace blog - 25/10/11
In which our hero fixes problems only for them to be unfixed almost the instant this blog was published... hmm, I'm starting to see a pattern emerging

First of all, credit where it's due - MySpace appear to have fixed those silly miniProfileFlyouts that would annoyingly disappear before you were able to hit the buttons thereupon. The new ones are a lot more 'solid' and functional. Why, you can actually use them to 'message' your friends again! It's saved me a whole lot of mucking about, I can tell you!

There have also been some slight design changes to the horizontal stream menu and the "StreamCategories" dropdown menu. Some of the divs and modules have had a name change, so parts of my old script no longer applied (keeps me on my toes :-)). Again, a definite improvement from a functional point of view, but it has left the dropdown menu in a rather strange 'ABSOLUTE' position, which, on my browser makes it appear right on top of and obscuring a couple of the horizontal menu categories! I have fixed this by giving it a 'RELATIVE' position value, so that it is once again on the right hand side of the stream container where it surely belongs.

div.streamCategories {font-size:10px!important; color:#0077dd!important; background-color:#bbddff!important; border-radius:0px!important; position:relative!important; left:685px!important;}

If your stream container is narrower than mine (because you still have other modules down the right hand side), then you may have to experiment with changing the number in the left:685px!important; segment, until the button stays where you want it to be. My stream container is over 700px wide, so a shift of 685px was just the ticket for me. But you will no doubt have other results.

I've also done a little colour-fixing on the horizontal menu, restoring the white background behind the menu items, which in turn are now highlighted in one of my shades of blue.

.horizontalMenu {background-color:#ffffff!important; width: 780px !important;}
.horizontalMenu>.selected,.horizontalMenu>li:hover>a,.horizontalMenu>.selected>a {background:#bbddff!important; border-radius:0px!important; text-decoration:none!important;}

That's it for this week. All these tweaks have been added to the published script at USERSTYLES.COM, so that the 'slightly befuddled' may install these changes in a relatively painless way! Have fun!

PP... Looks like I spoke too soon. Those "miniProfileFlyouts" are once again "OBTUSELY ELUSIVE" in their functionality this evening.
CC... The new "music" profile has been implemented here in the States, Minty! It's awful! :(
PP... I'm sure between us, we can CRACK THE CODE! I will experiment with that 'new' one we have here - some of the changes might apply to yours as well... otherwise I will have to wait for the worst before I can be properly "HANDS ON".

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