Sunday, January 29, 2012

Minty Blue Minimalism #13 (2012/01/29)

Maybe we should call it "Minty Blue Minimalism #12b" for all you Triskaidekaphobia sufferers?

I just spotted a small but significant bug in my MBM Stylish. Gasp!

But, unlike some people I might mention, if I make a mistake with MY code, I'll put my hand up and admit to it!

It came to my attention that, by hiding the "li.checkerLightBG" element from the bottom of all MS pages (one more ugly grey box that just HAD to go!), I'd accidentally removed the UPLOAD button from both the "My Videos" and "My Photos" pages! Whoops-a-daisy!

I only spotted it myself last night when - you guessed it! - I tried to upload a video and found that I had to turn off the Stylish before I could see the blue button.

Now we could ponder at depth over why MySpace, in their infinite wisdom, chose to give two completely disparate features the same name... but, to be honest, I'd rather go and make a cup of coffee and then watch another episode of "Twin Peaks".

There is a SIMPLE FIX... Delete the line "li.checkerLightBG {display:none!important;}" from the GENERAL section of the MBM script (it's there under the bit labelled ###FOOTER REMOVAL etc###). Back will come the buttons.

If you still want to hide the grey box at the foot of your homepage (and I just KNOW you do!), then you can re-insert that "li.checkerLightBG {display:none!important;}" line in the HOMEPAGE section of the script only, so that it doesn't affect any of the other pages. I put mine in with the bit that hides the F***book pop-ups.

Both published MBM scripts on USERSTYLES.ORG have now been updated with this fix


I don't know why I didn't spot this one before! If, like me, you crave TOTAL ANNIHILATION of the MySpace page footer, then replace "div.pageFooter" with "#pageFooter" in the aforementioned "###FOOTER REMOVAL etc###" part of the script - I think perhaps that "div.pageFooter" was a mistake or a throwback to an earlier version of the script.

I don't recall ever clicking on ANY of the items on those footer lists (except maybe out of curiosity when they first appeared). THEY ARE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. Populated as it is with names that mean precisely nothing to me, I certainly would never regret that footer not being there. Removing it altogether tidies up the page even further. So there.

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  1. And with that one final line of code, I've removed the last visible vestiges of corporate advertising space from MY Space...