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Minty Blue Minimalism #11 (2011/12/20)

First published on MySpace blog - 20/12/11
In which our hero presents the MySpace-using public with a delightful festive gift...

###### ANNOUNCING MBM 3.0 ######

It had to be done... If you have recently had a new version of the homepage thrust upon you, you will have realised by now that the famous* MINTY BLUE MINIMALISM Stylish script will no longer do! If your homepage now looks like this...

...or this...

...then applying the MINTY BLUE script as-is will produce the following undesirable mess...

It's all over the place! Clearly, there was need for some tweaking. The old script did not address such issues as that superfluous extra comments board that we have here, or the pointless list of other people's choice of music that you have there, or the fact that a powerful lens was now necessary to read some of the text. So...

Ta-da!!! MBM 3.0!

If you should find this in any way appealing and would prefer this to the homepage that you have now, then proceed immediately to USERSTYLES.ORG and install the new version of the script in your STYLISHly-enhanced FIREFOX or CHROME!!

Feel free to adapt/adopt the script and to change the colour scheme to suit your own tastes and requirements. Post screen shots of your efforts if they are particularly delightful.

Thanks to KITTY for allowing me to examine the new US version of the homepage first hand and to LORI, PETER, DRUDE and SEB for continuing feedback.

* Version 1 of the script had 84 installs, version 2 received 46 and counting. Thanks!

Additional: A number of people are telling me that "it doesn't work". Well, it clearly does work because I've presented photographic evidence to prove it! But if you follow these step-by-step instructions, you can't go wrong. Really. Trust me.



1) Update FIREFOX to version 8 (Go to HELP menu > ABOUT FIREFOX > CHECK FOR UPDATES)

2) Install the STYLISH plug-in by going to It is a good idea to put the Stylish shortcut on your Firefox's TOOL BAR so that you can switch it on and off from there.

3) Install the MBM 3.0 script by going to and clicking on INSTALL WITH STYLISH.

4) Enable the script by going to the ADD-ON MANAGER of Firefox (TOOLS menu > ADD-ONS > USER STYLES). Click on ENABLE for the MBM 3.0 script. Remember to DISABLE any others which affect MySpace.

5) Open up your MySpace homepage and refresh.


1) Update your CHROME to the latest version.

2) Install the STYLISH plug-in by going to . You may also add a Stylish shortcut to the toolbar.

3) Install the MBM 3.0 script by going to and clicking on INSTALL WITH STYLISH. With Chrome, you also have the option of installing it as a stand-alone script, but I haven't tested this option as yet!

4) Enable the script by going to the 'wrench' icon in the top left corner and selecting TOOLS then EXTENSIONS from the dropdown menus. You will see STYLISH on the list of extensions. Click on OPTIONS to see your scripts. Click on the ENABLE button for the MBM 3.0 script and DISABLE any others that apply to MySpace.

5) Open up your MySpace homepage and refresh.


Mlle Kitty La Morte... I like the MBM but until I upgrade to 3.0 (hahaha), it probably will still give me problems with MS's idiotic layout (ie. not being able to post comments on the stream, or update my status due to the button not working where it is).  I know you explained it to me but it still is what it is with MS.  Or it could just be me, hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!  Duh.
PP...  No, don't panic... I don't think the problem with comments and statuses is yours alone. There are times of the day when the "buttons don't work" for me either.
Mlle Kitty La Morte... Minty, it works, it's beautiful!!!  The MBM, I more BS on my homepage & I LOVE the color, the way the comments pop out, it's just Purrfect!!!  Thank you!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxoxo
PP... Another satisfied customer! xoxoxox

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