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Minty Blue Minimalism #10 (2011/12/14)

First published on MySpace blog - 14/12/11
In which our hero admits to an awful lot of guesswork regarding the new American version(s) of the MySpace homepage, but decides it's worth having a crack at it anyway, what the hey...

This really belongs in a STATUS UPDATE. I have indeed posted a message to this general effect thereupon, but we all know what THOSE are like nowadays (now you see it, now you don't...), no longer a functioning line of communication.


I've made a couple of wee updates to the published version of the MINTY BLUE MINIMALISM Stylish script, to reflect the issues some of you have been having with the FONT SIZE on this week's version of the MySpace homepage. Now this is all just guesswork, as I've NOT encountered those changes for myself, but it seems they may have either (a) changed the font itself, and/or (b) changed the names of some of the page modules, so that my existing script does not address this anymore (You'll have noticed if you've been paying attention, that there was already a line or two in there to specify the font size on the "commentContainer" as a more legible 12px, after they shrunk it the last time).

So... what I have done now is to specify not only the SIZE of the font, but also the 'font-family' itself, so that if, for example, they've changed it to something daft like 8pt Verdana all of a sudden, then this SHOULD (heavy emphasis) change everything in the stream to a sensible 12pt Arial again.

NB - This also give you scope to change the font to anything YOU like (GOOD TASTE allowing) by substituting your own font name within the brackets. Remember that ONLY YOU see the styling in YOUR browser on YOUR computer, so it's probably not subject to the restrictions of having to use 'system' fonts only. But don't make me have to look at it, I get very upset in the presence of bad typography. ;-)

Now it may be the case (again, I'm guessing, can't see for myself... etc. etc.), that the changes to your new homepage no longer make MINTY BLUE MINIMALISM a viable option. Certainly, when I 'tried out' the new UK/ARTISTS homepage, it didn't work properly anymore. I created the MINTY GREEN COMPROMISE script to deal with that one, during that horrible month when I was forced to use it.

You CAN install BOTH scripts, so that you can see for yourself which one works for you and, if you are feeling brave, tweak them accordingly to fit.

1) Update your MINTY BLUE MINIMALISM by clicking on the update link on the UserStyles page.

2) In your 'Fox's TOOLS menu, click on ADD-ONS, then USER STYLES (where you see the Stylish logo).

3) Click on WRITE NEW STYLE.

4) Copy the script from this blog - into the edit window.

5) Give it a name like "LATEST HOMEPAGE MESS" and SAVE.

6) Refresh your homepage.

7) Via your ADD-ONS MANAGER, you can enable one script, then the other to see which one suits. Remember to DISABLE the one you're NOT using.

8) Have fun!

Comments & stuff
- Once again, I would welcome feedback as to whether this has proved useful or not (It might be efficacious to do this in a message rather than as a comment).

- PETER KELLY tells me that this DIDN'T work for him (ah well...). But he has reminded me that there is another temporary solution to the miniscule fonts problem. Go to your 'Foxie's 'VIEW' menu, scroll down to 'ZOOM', then tick the item that says 'ZOOM TEXT ONLY'. When you hold down the 'CONTROL' [Ctrl] and the 'PLUS' [+] keys together, it will make ALL the text as big as you like (hence 'ZOOM'). When you've finished in MySpace, hit the 'RESET' in the 'VIEW>ZOOM' menu [or CTRL+0] to change it back to normal.

- Using the CTRL+ +/- keys will also work with Chrome, but I don't see an option there just to 'zoom' the text. You enlarge everything on the screen. Comments welcome from Chromeheads to this effect.

Mlle Kitty La Morte... HELP!!!!!!!! 
PP... The consensus so far is that the famous "MINTY BLUE MINIMALISM" stylish script no longer works with all these 'new' versions of the homepage that they've given you. As I'm still seeing the world the MBM way here, it might be time for someone else who DOES have the new pages (on the other side of the pond and beyond) to take up the baton. Skimming through the entries on, I see that no one else has "HAD A GO" at the MySpace homepage since early 2010...???

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