Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meet The New Boss (you know the rest...)

First published on MySpace blog - 03/10/11

One day we will all look back on that fondly as THE SUMMER OF SHOVE" (as in "when push comes to..."). There were a few brief, shining, magical weeks from the end of June 2011, when Sean Percival announced his final day, to the middle of September, when MySpace's new[est] owners made an announcement to say that they would soon be making an announcement.

It appeared that things were looking up. Although its "APPEAL HAD BECOME MORE SELECTIVE", the site showed signs that it was working again. Sure, there were still technical problems left behind by the old regime, but the days of NEEDLESS TAMPERING seemed to be behind us. There were, at least, no new problems being added to the old. In short, THEY LEFT IT WELL ALONE for once. That was nice. We can learn to cope with a status quo, even a damaged one.

But now... THEY'RE BAAA-AAAACK! A new development team appears to have moved in to take up where the old one left off, promising another Golden Age of MySpace Malfunction...
- laggy interactive screens that aren't interactive
- buttons that don't press
- data-entry fields that don't allow data entry
- activity streams that don't display all of your posted activities
- photo managers that display blank spaces instead of photos...
Clearly, the concept of COGNITIVE REASONING is lost on these people. The ability to acquire knowledge, reflect and then learn from one's own and other people's mistakes is, or so I'd believed, a basic human instinct. But not, it would seem, in certain Geekish Realms where, you'd think, some grasp of logic would be a job requirement.

MySpace was dying a slow death because they employed designers who couldn't design and technical staff who seemed incapable of fixing problems when they occurred. This accumulative incompetence frustrated long-term users, driving them away to other networks. MySpace made the mistake of not realising exactly who used their service and tried to turn it into something different.

Except that turned out to be an Edsel.

ORDINARY FOLKS (those without a nerdy fibre in their body, the kind that wouldn't even give this blog the time of day) want a machine that works properly 'STRAIGHT FROM THE BOX', not one that requires them to be able to fix problems themselves in order for it to work. They don't expect "DIY".

Those ordinary folks, like the happy little consumers that they are, saw something which was broken and which was missing its instruction manual, and so decided to get a new one instead.

The 'new' MySpace owners have still to make that announcement that they made the announcement about, so we still don't really know what they've got in mind for THE BIG PICTURE.

But as for the finer details, it looks like nothing much has changed after that lovely summer break...

(NB. This blog would probably be tagged 'MySpace', 'Technical & HTML' or maybe 'News'. But you'll have to take my word for it because, as you will see, the 'category' button doesn't work either!)


Peter Kelly... So it all seems !! I had to delete that add-on that improved my home page - everything just turned so slow !!
PP... Odd that, Peter... What browser & operating system are you using?
Peter Kelly... I tried both Firefox and Google Chrome. I will try it again to see if it is OK and the problem was something else.
PP... I've noticed it's faster at some times of the day than others. A number of people have noticed that their pictures (particularly profile thumbnails) aren't being loaded and are replaced with just "ALT" text instead.
Seb... Seems to work fine for me... 

CC... You really are a great writer, Minty! A little birdie just informed me a couple of days ago that Chrome allows you to set the "tags" for blogs. So while I still use Firefox for everything after I post the blog in Firefox, I open up Chrome later and then add the "tag". I prefer how my blog looks in Firefox, though, so I always compose it there.
PP... You're right, the blog's "category" dropdown DOES work on Chrome. Several of the other buttons that I mentioned don't, however and the Photo Manager is still being silly. There is still that annoying necessity to refresh the homepage now and again in order to make your Stylish mods "stick" - it keeps slipping into raw "MySpace-As-She-Really-Is" mode! It also works in Safari. But the other 'broken' stuff doesn't work there either... and Safari's a lot slower now, I couldn't possibly use it as my default browser for MySpace anymore. Besides, as that blog 'CATEGORY' button doesn't post anything to the page anymore, it's one more thing to add to the "POTENTIALLY USEFUL FEATURE THAT'S NO LONGER OF ANY USE" folder.
Oh, I'm not a 'great writer' at all. I'm an 'okay journalist' at best, hahaha.

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  1. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that MS hired back all the people that were laid off in June. It sure seems like that at times!